South Sudan Star’s Awards is an entertainment company formed to be a non-profitable, with no tribal or political attachment whatsoever.

It’s formed and run by a patriotic South Sudanese volunteer.

SSUSA carries with her, strong backbone of values: Peace and unity of South Sudanese world-wide and respect among ourselves with the belief in our home grown talents.

The main objectives of the company are;

  • To draw South Sudanese talent on the map of the globe
  • To use our talents as weapons to preach peace and unity among South Sudanese
  • To create awareness about the different cultures in South Sudan and beyond it
  • To learn to embrace and appreciate South Sudan as a nation


South Sudan Stars’ Awards (SSUSA), founded in 2017 and it has a committee of 10 individuals from all the created states in South Sudan.

In our fight to promote peace and unity among South Sudanese world-wide, SSUSA hosts annual musical awards, fashion shows and cultural gala.

SSUSA committee gives the chance to the general public to make their nominations which is called “Viewers choice nominations” before deciding on the final nominations that is announced live on our official Facebook page and therefore, voting commenced for a period of one month.

The winners are therefore announced and presented with awards based on their number of votes.

The committee is devoted and working tirelessly around the clock towards achieving the objectives and goals of SSUSA.

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